Business Coaching for Success

Developing strategic awareness and implementation skills to maximise your organisation

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching on the areas covered by our training programmes, as well as specific coaching and mentoring in other areas that will add value to the organisation and where appropriate the individual


Below is an overview of some of the coaching and mentoring we deliver, however we know that you want results, not just coaching.  We therefore tailor all of our coaching in order to achieve the results you want.

1:1 Executive Coaching

There aren’t many truly successful people in sport or organisation who at some point in their career haven’t had some form of external support to help them achieve their successes.   Completely focussed on helping the individual achieve their specific outcomes, as a result of a programme of 1:1 coaching people leave with:

  • An increased awareness of habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour so that people can improve their results
  • The ability to choose how they would rather respond to the daily events they face, as opposed to their usual reactions which may not add the greatest value
  • A reduction in the stress people may be experiencing so that they can operate more effectively and enjoy work even more
  • The ability to overcome the avoidance and procrastination behaviours which can be exhibited
  • Enhanced communication skills to help people better manage their teams and clients
  • Increased motivation to bring the very best out of people and have an even greater positive impact on the organisation


Knowing the purpose for why people do what they do is a question many people often ask themselves but rarely successfully answer. We all have a purpose, it just sometimes lies untapped for many years.  Finding and living a purpose through work can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding activities people can take part in.  Through this training delegates will:

  • Uncover their purpose for what they are doing so that they can start to live it through their work
  • Approach jobs more confidently and competently knowing that the greatest value is being added to the organisation and themselves
  • Have increased motivation and desire to make the most of the opportunities people encounter
  • Understand how to deal with situations which challenge the purposes which people have for them so that they can reduce the stress and uncertainty of not knowing whether they are living a life that is purposefully lived

Effective Organisation Principles

Being the leader of an organisation can sometimes be a lonely experience, however realising that many others have been there before and have tools, techniques, ideas and strategies to share can help maximise both individual and organisational potential even more quickly.  As a result of this training delegates will have;

  • A more disciplined approach to managing their organisation
  • More time to work on the organisation rather than in it
  • Organisation development strategies to apply immediately, helping increase the bottom line
  • An enhanced focus on the activities that add the greatest value
  • Increased motivation to follow through and apply ideas and learning
  • Practical marketing and sales ideas proven to increase turnover and profit

Systems – Standardising & Humanising

Organisations are made up of people and systems, however many organisations don’t have the systems in place to enable their staff to add the greatest value to the organisation.  The purpose of this training is to examine the processes and systems currently missing and currently in operation so that where possible as much of the process is standardised and the bits that need to be humanised are as effective and value adding as possible.  What delegates will get as a result of this training is:

  • Systems which add the greatest value to the organisation
  • Processes which are as standardised as possible making them incredibly valuable and easy to replicate
  • Greater confidence and trust in the scalability of the organisation
  • Less stress being concerned that different people are saying and doing different things when one common way would be better

Implementation & Accountability

Implementation is absolutely critical to the success of any organisation, especially for the leader / owner.  There are very few people in organisations who have achieved the levels of success they have enjoyed without some form of external support.  One of the most valuable things external support can provide is accountability.  Accountability because as the person at the top, we may have many people accountable to us, but perhaps not many people, if anyone, who will hold us accountable to in a supportive way for doing and implementing what is needed to make the progress desired.  As a result of this training people will;

  • Have increased motivation to follow through with their ideas
  • An enhanced awareness of what personally holds them back so that they can overcome this
  • Have greater personal accountability so that people can manage themselves even more effectively
  • An implementation plan which fits the needs of the organisation so that progress is made