Conference Speeches

You probably want your conference to be a success and to meet the outcomes of the organisation. It may be that you want an increased feel good factor, increased effectiveness or increased sales and it may be you want tangible tools to take away and use.


We believe that you want a genuine but uplifting talk that gets people to think and behave differently. We also believe that it is useful for people to leave with something to do because of the presentation.

Our common sense but not common practice approach leaves even the sceptical people in the audience inspired to make progress inevitable not just change.

Our conference speeches include interesting, inspiring and often humorous stories to enlighten the message as well as a combination of honest, genuine advice, tools and techniques to apply after the conference.

Our conference speeches leave everyone in the audience with some simple tools and techniques they can apply back at their ‘real world’ of work immediately. These tools and techniques work with all people regardless of their role including some of the most successful business people, sports people and even students. Because although it’s important what people do, there are often common themes to get the best from people, and common themes of why people don’t maximise their potential and how to change this.

A combination of style and substance is a sure fire way to get the result for your conference. It also increases the longevity after the event because people can relate to it.

Our outcome, and it may be yours too, is for the audience to leave having enjoyed it, been entertained in places, but also to have an impact and some results after the event because people do things differently. Depending on the topic you’d like us to speak on it may be increased sales, increased productivity, developing an elite team, increased motivation and inspiration, more efficient use of time, compelling meetings and presentations.

We have consistent positive feedback from our speeches and testimonials from a wide variety of organisations as well as work with organisations around the world.

The theme of the presentations can vary depending on what your aims of the conference are but the most common themes are:

  • Personal Effectiveness – Maximising Potential
  • Maximising Opportunities
  • Dealing with Change – Change is inevitable but progress is not.
  • Developing Elite Teams
  • Creating and developing a winning mentality.
  • A combination of the above or a tailored presentation to your attendees.