Developing Elite Teams

Building and maintaining the critical components of truly effective teams

  • Team Improvement
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Building
  • Excelling During Change
  • Team Vision & Purpose
  • Team Buy-In
  • Overcoming Team Dysfunctions

Our Developing Elite Team training aims to build and maintain the critical components of truly effective teams so that this becomes a self – sustaining and integral part of your organisation

We are aware that you may want a one off team session to get the action, motivation and inspiration the team needs. These one offs are incredibly effective.

We also work with a lot of organisations on designing programmes, small or large, to make sure that each session builds on the last. These are ideal for groups where you know a single day or event may not be enough to get the progress you want over the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

Below is an overview of some of the courses that we run, however we know that you want results, not just training. We therefore tailor all of our workshops in order to achieve the results you want.

Team Improvement

This particular workshop is focussed on HOW the team can work better together and make tangible improvements in the organisation. It can be done as a one off workshop and is delivered in an inspiring way whilst being incredibly focussed on making tangible progress. You may want this workshop to be delivered regularly to ensure that the inspiration generated and action created is followed through and becomes part of the team culture.  As a result of this workshop delegates will;

• Add immediate value to the organisation by building their collective strength to be even more effective
• Find solutions to the teams collective challenges to make sustainable improvements
• Pull team members together and work more effectively as a unit
• Leave with a specific action plan to individually and collectively improve performance so that the added value can be maximised
• Avoid blaming and excuses for poor performance whilst creating a solution focussed mindset and forum for the team to adopt moving forwards.

Team Dynamics

The ability to work effectively as a team is often a challenge no matter what position individuals hold within an organisation, or whether they are working with internal or external teams.  The purpose of this training is to share with delegates successful team working traits and ideas which can be easily understood and applied back in the workplace.  Delegates will leave this workshop with:

• An understanding of the 4 different personality types and the behaviours associated with these in order to maximise each individual personality type
• Practical insights into how people respond so that they can be managed in the best way to get the most from them
• Methods for working with others who may be more difficult so that their performance can be improved.
• Knowing which personality profiles are best suited to which team roles in order to build and successfully manage an elite team
• An understanding of the perceived distance between team members so that bridges can be created to close this gap

Team Building

Whilst there may be no such thing as a perfect individual there can be a perfect team. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to work in a team, often with people we have not chosen to be with, is becoming ever more important.  By exploring the characteristics of successful teams and linking up how a team comes together to achieve it’s objectives in the real world of work, this highly interactive workshop pits individuals against the constraints of time, resources and communication to solve a challenge as effectively as possible. Outcomes for this workshop include:

• Increased morale and group identity
• Take away tools for forming and maintaining high-performance teams back in the workplace
• Solving issues and challenges with increased certainty that future challenges can be overcome
• Understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses within a group setting
• Increased skill in time and crisis management which can save valuable financial resources
• Greater familiarisation with each other in a relaxed, informal environment
• Awareness of the advantages of cooperation over competition

Excelling During Change

Change is inevitable, but progress is not.  The effectiveness with which teams collectively deal with the change they are faced with determines the likely success of the project they are working on.  This topic explores the characteristics that teams need to display when faced with change and the behaviours required to make the most of these opportunities.  Your delegates will leave this course:

• With a greater awareness of what holds them back when change is taking place so that they can alter this to their advantage
• Knowing how to support their team colleagues during this process in order to help them make the most of their opportunities and add the greatest value
• With a collective understanding of how their team individually deals with change so that they can work more effectively and confidently towards the same shared objectives
• With an implementation plan to move them, the team and the organisation forward to even greater success

Team Vision & Purpose

The vision for the team and the underlying purpose which each individual team member has behind this are two essential requirements for elite teams.  Without a vision that everyone is bought into and without a purpose for contributing towards this, teams are unlikely to be maximising their potential.  The purpose of this course is to help create or re-invigorate that vision and awaken the purposes that are going to drive the team forward and meet this vision.  After taking part in this training delegates will leave with:

• A compelling vision that the team are collectively bought into
• Knowing their real purposes behind this vision to help them achieve it
• A strong emotional connection to the vision and the purpose of their work
• Techniques to keep people on track and focussed on their purpose
• Greater clarity on why people are doing what they are doing so that they can make progress with even greater certainty
• Less uncertainty that colleagues aren’t working towards a shared objective

Team Buy-In

Having the buy-in of your team and colleagues to what you are striving to achieve is vital to the overall success of the team or project they are working on.  It is also an important to ensure that buy-in is regularly obtained to help keep momentum and ensure the sustainability of the efforts that everyone is collectively putting in.  As a result of this training your team will leave with:

• The ability to obtain buy-in quickly so that you can achieve your organisational goals more effectively
• Greater certainty that the team are all pulling their weight
• A plan to make sure the team are adding the greatest value to the organisation
• More confidence to assert themselves with colleagues when progress isn’t being made towards the outcomes desired

Overcoming Team Dysfunctions

There are some common themes with teams which prevent them from being truly elite and performing at their best, these ‘dysfunctions’ can have wide reaching impact if they aren’t resolved.  Ultimately, what your team will leave with as a result of this programme is:

• A higher degree of trust between one another so that challenges can be discussed in a more open, honest and productive manner
• The ability to master conflict and harness the creativity which comes as a result
• More commitment between team members towards organisational outcomes
• Greater accountability of personal responsibilities
• An increased focus on the results which will make the biggest contribution to achieving the objectives of the organisation