Excelling in Communication & Sales Skills

i) Significantly improving your sales and organisation development activities
ii) Considerably enhancing your internal communication

  • Foundation Sales Skills
  • Advanced Sales Skills
  • Non-verbal Marketing
  • Maximising Opportunities
  • Maximising Billing
  • Call Reluctance
  • Creating Compelling Meetings
  • Creating Compelling Presentations
  • Effective Networking
  • Gaining business through  referrals
  • Train the trainer


Below is an overview of some of the courses that we run, however we know that you want results, not just training.  We therefore tailor all of our workshops in order to achieve the results you want.

Foundation sales skills

Most organisations do not want slick sales people, but they do want their clients to buy from them.  By having solid foundation sales skills, delegates will leave this workshop with a set of tools and techniques to help them sell more to their clients, and increase the value they are adding to the company.  Delegates will leave this workshop with:

  • Clarity on their specific sales challenges so that they can  overcome these
  • Solid proven foundation sales techniques that can be applied immediately back in the real world of business
  • How to create the focus to maximise sales opportunities so that a business development mindset is sustained
  • How to overcome the rejection associated with sales so that this doesn’t affect the delegate in the future
  • How to successfully overcome objections so that they can be used to your advantage
  • Enhanced listening skills so that you can sell more to your clients

Advanced Sales Skills – The only reason you lose is because you’ve been out sold

Advanced doesn’t have to mean complicated but it does need to mean effective. For many organisations, sales are absolutely critical to financial success, growth and prosperity, both individually and corporately.  Once the hard work of getting in front of the right people has been done, it is then imperative that people say the right things to them in order to give clients the best opportunity to buy from you.  If we aren’t doing this then it is quite possible that you aren’t maximising the opportunities with clients. After going through this training the organisation will get:

  • Everything needed to get more winning sales pitches and meetings
  • Ability to deliver bigger value winning pitches by saying less
  • The ability to talk to clients about what they want, not what your sales people want to tell them
  • The ability to genuinely stand out from competition by making sure selling points work
  • Understand the only 2 things customers need to know in order to buy

Non-verbal Marketing

Very often what we say so successfully in a sales interaction to get the sale is not always mirrored in the marketing material used to generate the initial interest.  Is there a chance that if our written marketing more accurately reflected our verbal sales skills, that we could generate more interest in our products and services and ultimately more sales and profit?  We believe there is, and by understanding the process people go through when communicating effectively to others delegates will leave this course with:

  • The ability to consistently write marketing material which generates more interest, sales and profits
  • USP’s which genuinely work for your organisation and successfully differentiate from competition
  • Greater confidence and certainty that your marketing material is now more effective
  • Simple and powerful techniques to keep the organisation ahead of it’s competition

Maximising Opportunities

This workshop is aimed at those individuals who find themselves in a sales or business development role.  The requirement to maximise opportunities is essential to achieving both organisational and personal outcomes. The purpose of this workshop is to ensure that our time, effort and energy is focussed on the activities which will add the greatest value, and then, to maximise the opportunity from them. The outcome for this workshop is for delegates to leave with:

  • Greater confidence to step outside of their comfort zones and maximise their opportunities
  • How to create the mindset to maximise opportunities consistently
  • Knowing how to create the focus to ensure that tangible results are achieved and that our time is spent adding the most value
  • The desire and skills to make the most of the opportunities
  • Tips and techniques which can be applied immediately and easily back in the real world of work

Call Reluctance

In a sales environment call reluctance can be a significant inhibitor to personal and organisational success.  This highly interactive workshop focuses participants on the thinking and behaviours needed to get the results they are capable of. After attending this training delegates will be able to make more productive sales calls which regularly leads to increased sales and profits.  They will also:

  • Understand how the mind can prevent them from picking up the phone or closing the sale in order to avoid rejection or failure, so that they can expand their comfort zones and overcome this
  • Be able to shift the negative mind talk that can inhibit personal effectiveness and confidence in their communication so they can make more sales
  • Explore the value of what the team delivers to give them all even greater confidence and certainty when approaching clients
  • Leave with easily applicable strategies to apply when they notice they are avoiding picking up the phone or asking the questions they know they need to ask to get the sale
  • Leave with a plan of action to start implementing immediately to ensure that they make the most of the opportunities for themselves and the organisation

Creating and Delivering Compelling Meetings

Creating and delivering compelling meetings is a key skill for managers and leaders and is a vital part of communication in a successful organisation.  This course outlines simple yet powerful tools and techniques to ensure meetings deliver organisational outcomes in compelling ways.  By attending this training delegates will:

  • Transform the way meetings run so that they are consistently working towards the outcomes of the organisation
  • Increase the productivity and return on investment of your meetings to make the most of the time people spend in them
  • Enhance morale and appropriate interaction so that people don’t get into the habit of having a meeting for the sake of having a meeting
  • Learn how to control and energise discussion to achieve organisational outcomes more efficiently and effectively
  • Gain buy-in from meeting attendees as to the importance of the meeting and what is subsequently done as a result of getting together
  • Finish the meeting being able to ensure commitments are followed through.  This is what will ultimately deliver the outcomes of the organisation

Creating and Delivering Compelling Presentations

The ability to captivate an audience and deliver a compelling message and presentation is a skill that can be learned.  Creating and Delivering Compelling Presentations is a fully integrated system that not only helps people to organise their thoughts in a structured and logical fashion, but also gives them the confidence and techniques to communicate in a way that constantly moves them audience towards their outcome.  After attending this training delegates will;

  • Be able to create a compelling presentation that delivers a powerful solution for the audience
  • Be able to create a captivating opening that grabs client’s attention so that they are focused on what you are about to present to them
  • Be able to position yourself and the organisation in a way that connects people both logically and emotionally
  • Be able to persuade customers to accept the organisations’ solution and therefore achieve it’s outcomes
  • Be able to competently and confidently deliver a compelling presentation
  • Be able to close every presentation in a way that moves the outcome forward and creates a lasting positive impression.

Maximising Billing

Particularly relevant in professional services, maximising billing opportunities is a critical area of organisation development and overall organisational success, yet few individuals and firms know how to do this successfully and congruently with the genuine interests of the customer at their heart.  The outcome of this course is for people to be able to confidently approach both existing and new customers with simple strategies to help increase turnover, profits and margins for the firm by giving the best possible service to clients.  After attending this training delegates will:

  • Increase profits for the firm by consistently giving clients excellent service
  • Make it is easy as possible for clients to buy because they want to and understand that it is in their best interests to do so
  • Transform working relationships with clients by understanding why they are often reluctant to pay their bills
  • Position an increase in the amount of work people do for clients and the associated increase in fees in such a way that both the firm and the client are happy to proceed
  • Reduce the stress and uncertainty involved in doing higher value-added work for clients prior to general agreement

Effective Networking

Effective networking is about developing your business, not ramming it down someone’s throat!  Good networking skills can be learned and are far easier than most people might think.  Delegates will leave these inspirational workshops knowing how to:

  • Make the most of each networking opportunity and dramatically improve results as a consequence
  • The ability to successfully structure a conversation at any time
  • Walk into a room with confidence and hold and conduct a conversation with ease
  • Understand different personalities and how to talk to them
  • Set outcomes for networking activities so that they become more valuable to the business
  • Successfully follow up a networking event and reap the benefits from the effort you have already put in.

Gaining business through referrals

Generating business by referral has consistently proven to be the most effective form of marketing and growing your business.  Many businesses fail to realise the power of a building and using a referral system, and even those that do often make some simple but avoidable mistakes.  The outcome of this workshop is for delegates to leave knowing:

  • How to generate business by referral so you can focus on building your business quickly and effectively
  • How to create a referral generating system that will bring in far more business than you are currently receiving
  • Tools and techniques to maximise your referrals and how to make people to be happy to recommend you

Train the trainer

The ability to skilfully and effectively train and/or facilitate a meeting or workshop which achieves the outcomes your business wants is a skill which can be learned.  We are brilliant at training in-house trainers with simple and easy to follow guidelines to make their training and facilitation, engaging, interactive, enjoyable and results focussed.
Your trainers will leave this workshop able to:

  • Train and facilitate sessions which deliver the desired outcomes for the organisation
  • Encourage participation so that everyone feels included and valued by being able to create and maintain a safe, open and supportive environment
  • Keep a meeting interesting, engaging and on track
  • Develop an honest and creative mindset which maximises the opportunity of having everyone there
  • Understand the different roles a facilitator plays so that the most appropriate can be chosen for that particular situations
  • Listen effectively and able to focus on issues, not personalities, so that outcomes are met
  • Ask appropriate, clarifying questions and deal with disruptive behaviour to help keep the meeting on track
  • Deal effectively and confidently with silence so that this does not become an issue
  • Seek commitments from the group and help it to make decisions
  • Summarise results and effectively follow up so that the output from the meeting moves the organisation towards achieving its outcomes