How we Help

The Hughes Company can help you:

  1. Optimising people’s performance
  2. Growing the business and / or achieving the organisational objectives
  3. Enhancing team dynamics and enjoyment whilst achieving the above

This is achieved by:

  • Maximising Individual Potential
  • Developing Elite Teams
  • Maximising Management & Leadership
  • Excelling in Communication & Sales Skills
  • Business Coaching for Success.

This is delivered to individuals, teams, managers and leaders through:

  • Conference speeches
  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching
  • Facilitation of meetings/strategy days
  • Away days

All of this is underpinned, sustained and enhanced through:
Audio recordings, telephone and email coaching and follow-up worksheets to create accountability

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How To Maximise Business Potential OVERVIEW

Workshop Delivery

The Hughes Company works with a wide variety of clients of different sizes and from different sectors.  Some of our better known clients include Ann Summers, BT, Co-op, Deloitte, Shell, United Utilities and Camelot alongside organisations such as the NHS, the Audit Commission, and local councils.  We regularly deliver conference speeches to groups of 20 to 1,000+ as well as workshops, away days, one on one coaching and mentoring, and delivery at away days all of which are focused on getting the results that you want.

Our style of training is highly engaging and we regularly find even the most sceptical of participants enjoy the delivery and get a lot from it. Workshops are normally half or full days and delegates find themselves interacting with our trainers as a result of the delegates genuine interest created by the way we structure and deliver our training.  Our feedback is consistently brilliant from all people at all levels and everyone walks away from our sessions with a change in thinking and behaviour to make progress back in the real world.

As well as the workshops we deliver, we are aware that sometimes training is not the best way to get the result you need.  We are excellent at facilitating your own debates, discussion and issues to ensure you get the results you want. We are not just a training company; we are about getting results for our clients, even if a successful outcome is a feel good factor which for some organisations is exactly what is needed. Not only can we do this but we can also help you create sustainability well into the future.

Our number one priority is getting you the results you want and we will always structure our involvement with you to deliver this.