Optimising People Performance

Significantly enhancing people’s effectiveness and ability to perform at their best consistently

  • Solution Thinking and Inspiration
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Maximising Time
  • Procrastinate Later
  • Confidence & How To Create It
  • World Class Thinking
  • Maximising Implementation
  • Dealing with Stress & Overwhelm
  • Self Motivation & How To Create It


Solution Thinking and Inspiration

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

Solution Thinking covers the fundamentals of personal effectiveness and how to consistently get the best from people and add the greatest value to your organisation. When you combine people’s existing skills and ability with personal effectiveness and solution thinking, the results can be truly outstanding. The outcomes for this course are for each attendee to examine how they can change their thinking and behaviour to be focussed on finding solutions to their challenges and leave with;

  • Solutions to their specific challenges to add immediate value to the organisation and a sustainable ‘Solution’ culture
  • Strategies for eliminating or significantly reducing the non-productive non value adding behaviours that can be exhibited
  • Reducing the potential for a blame culture to exist by eliminating or reducing negative mindsets and attitudes
  • Increased energy, motivation, inspirations and willingness to do the right thing for the organisation

Maintaining Momentum

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

Maintaining momentum is one of the biggest challenges individuals, teams and organisations face. Many people find it challenging to maintain their energy and motivation consistently over a period of time.  Maintaining Momentum has been specifically designed to follow up Solution Thinking (whether 1 month or 6 months after).  What you will get as a result of this is a focus on creating sustainability to ensure that the energy and motivation created through the Solution Thinking training is consistently maintained within people’s roles and the workplace.  Delegates will also get;

  • Tools and ideas on how to maintain momentum for them and their teams so that they can consistently get the best out of themselves and add the greatest value to the organisation
  • Re-energised and focussed on what can be done
  • How to overcome the repetitive challenges people are facing so that these no longer hold the organisation back
  • How to avoid these challenges in the future and help your organisation consistently make progress towards its’ vision
  • How to implement the things which will add the most value to the organisation so that this becomes part of the culture

Maximising Time

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

The amount of time we all have is the same, however the way we use it is not. Knowing how to make the most of your time is essential to being as effective as possible no matter what your role. As a result of this training people will have more time to focus on those activities which add the greatest value to the organisation, realise this value financially and feel more productive on a daily basis.  Delegates will also leave with:

  • Knowing where to spend their time and to spend this time on the activities which add the greatest value to the organisation
  • Simple yet incredibly effective strategies to maximise the time available in the day
  • Techniques to prioritise, plan and achieve even more from the day whilst feeling less stressed
  • The ability to avoid overwhelm and stay focused on what can be done and then get on with it!
  • Knowing how to eliminate or significantly reduce task avoidance and focus on the mindset that creates results

Procrastinate Later

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

Procrastination is one of the single biggest inhibitors to individual development and improvement.  Have you ever found yourself with a task to do and for whatever reason, just not done it?  You then remember that you need to do it, only to put if off again.  The next time you are reminded about this task you may then start ‘beating yourself up’ for not having done it, until you get to the point of just doing it and then realise that it wasn’t so bad after all!  The purpose of this course is for delegates to leave with:

  • The ability to put off procrastinating for ever
  • Even quicker recognition of when they are procrastinating so that they can do something productive about it
  • Tools to help people overcome procrastination so that they can make the progress they are capable of
  • Motivation to ensure that people follow through with their desired actions
  • Ways of ensuring that the above can be sustained for months after the course so that it becomes normal within the culture

Confidence & How To Create It

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is appropriately adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

Many people would like to feel more confident in a variety of work situations, be it dealing with a challenging colleague, providing feedback to someone, calling a difficult client, presenting to a group, voicing an opinion on something or negotiating with a client.  Without a good level of confidence people don’t get the chance to show their full ability
The aim of this workshop is for delegates to leave with:

  • Greater confidence to overcome their specific business challenges
  • More certainty to bring the best out of themselves in the work environment
  • A greater understanding of what is holding them back so they can overcome this
  • Knowing how to create self confidence at work at any time without appearing arrogant
  • The desire to maximise new opportunities to help move them and the business forward

World Class Thinking

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

Einstein once said that we can’t solve the challenges that we are experiencing with the same level of thinking that created them.  Our ability to think creatively is one of the most fundamental ways in which we can add significant value to our organisations, yet rarely do we receive training and the encouragement which enables us to do this. What delegates will get as a result of this training is:

  • Practical techniques utilised by the most successful people to enhance their performance and results
  • The understanding that we cannot always control events but we can make the most of them by using enhanced tools and thinking techniques
  • Enhanced questioning techniques to get the very best answers from themselves and others who they work with
  • Insights into what stops people thinking creatively, how to avoid the less productive mindset and tap into their ‘thinking potential’
  • Improved focus to help people think more intelligently and achieve their outcomes whilst being less strained and enhancing enjoyment

Maximising Implementation

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to

We believe that failure to implement ideas, actions and what people and organisations know works is the biggest single obstruction to people and organisations maximising their potential.
The specific outcomes of this training are for delegates to:

  • Do what it is they know they need to get done
  • Know how to create the same emotion and actions at any time in the future so that        a) the course is immediately effective and b) they can re create this successful state whenever they may need to in the future
  • Be and feel more productive by doing the things they know they should be doing and adding the greatest value to the organisation
  • Recognise where their strengths and areas for improvement are so that they can build on these
  • Plan and implement actions and priorities more strategically
  • Leave with tools to enable people to sustain and follow through with their implementation

Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm

This session is ideal for everyone in an organisation and is adjusted to the level it is being delivered to.

The ability to deal effectively with stress and overwhelm is becoming increasingly important and a significant barometer of our personal effectiveness. A large amount of visits to health professionals are directly related to stress and overwhelm, and there is a good chance that you know of someone that has had time off work due to stress.  In many ways overload has quickly become an accepted part of society, with us having more decisions, more activities, more opportunities and more commitments than ever before, whilst being expected to be on top of everything at the same time!  What delegates will get from this course includes;

  • Strategies to deal better with everyday stress and more extreme stressful situations
  • Greater awareness of stress triggers and the reactions people often have to them so that they can choose how they respond
  • The ability to face challenges without feeling overwhelmed by them so that people become more personally effective
  • An enhanced ability to remain calm and stay focussed even in the most challenging of circumstances
  • An action plan so that people can start putting themselves in charge of their stress, and stop stress controlling them

Self Motivation and How to Create It – 2 sessions

These sessions are ideal for people you value and want to see progress within the organisation.

True self motivation is something which most people don’t master, but have had tastes of during their lives and careers. There are a combination of things which can be put in place in order for people to feel motivated and achieve their full potential. The purpose of this training is to help people create, sustain and re-create if needed, their self motivation. Delegates will also get:

  • Immediately applicable personal success strategies whenever they are feeling de-motivated
  • Understand what motivates them and makes them unique
  • Begin to plan what they need to do more of and what they need to do less of or stop doing altogether
  • Help the organisation achieve its’ outcomes even quicker through their drive and determination
  • Reduce time, effort, energy and resources in areas which hold people back
  • Understand how to link people’s strengths with the aims and objectives of the organisation