Why Chris Hughes?

Committed to achieving the results you want, Chris Hughes is a genuinely warm, humorous and charismatic presenter who through his fusion of style and substance delivers genuinely useful and relevant information in a way that inspires and motivates clients to succeed.

Chris has achieved exceptional feedback and sustained results by combining interactive learning with the existing skills and experiences of people in all sectors at all levels; from CEO’s through to front line workers.

Training is implemented using a combination of theory and practical experiential learning via workshops, conferences, 1:1’s and webinars and his memorable, easily to apply tools and techniques are easily put in to practice in the workplace. Crucially they continue to be implemented long after sessions using focussed follow up sessions and/or the use of his exclusive audio recordings.

Success stories range from some of the largest firms in the world like Deloitte, Shell and Disney through to large public sector organisations and professional services firms, all of which have benefited from Chris’ tools, techniques, authenticity and enthusiasm to see people get great results and enjoy the process.

A further testament to Chris’ success is that he has never advertised his services in his 10+ years of business. He is busy helping clients every working day and has always been busy from repeat custom and word of mouth.

We look forward to delivering for you.

What our clients say about us…

Following a business development session an Area Director said …

‘’One my staff has won 2 new clients already and one of the calls I made has led to a quote for £1.5m which we are confident of winning. We have £15m of (active pipeline) across 14 deals to take forward in to 2013-all of which I believe will happen by end of Q1. It is a journey but the team are enthused and totally engaged.”

IB, Natwest

“Since we started working with The Hughes Company we conservatively estimate that they have helped us to add an additional £2m to our bottom line in the last few months. Their insight and expertise has been invaluable.”

RK, Partner & Head of Business Development, Zolfo Cooper

The Hughes Company helped this individual to…

“Increase my organisation skills, improved my capacity to conduct meetings and to monitor traders performance which I estimate will contribute an additional $5m per annum profit.“

TG – Shell

“Your skills from 1:1 work through to conference speeches are powerful and effective for each situation. I would like to take a moment to thank you for your input at our annual conference. It was received extremely well by the audience and a reflection of the success is that a large number of individuals and teams now want to work with The Hughes Company.”

DK, Deloitte

“Feedback from colleagues has been tremendous, and it’s clear that you really ‘hit the mark’ and have provided people here with a timely motivational boost & a strong ‘push’ to take more control of their destiny.”


“Chris Hughes has had the most incredible effect on my Managerial Team. One of my most outstanding Managers said that a morning session with Chris was the most beneficial event he’d attended since joining the Bank. That Manager was already highly successful but he has gone up a gear”

Regional Director – FTSE 100 Bank

“I’ve restructured internally to give responsibility to people in the team who want it, enabling me to step back from the day to day and focus in on our strategy. It’s common sense but not something you think about; it takes someone like Chris to make it happen.”

P – Ann Summers, Senior Executive

“Chris Hughes to me is “personal effectiveness personified”! His engaging style and easy to understand delivery ensures that his audience fully participates and their ability to learn is therefore enhanced. His focused presentation and hands on style ensures memorable learning.”

Mary Whyham MBE – Chairman, NWAS

“Feedback was excellent and you have really got people thinking about what they should be doing. The message got across that they can’t sit there and wait for it to happen.”

JF, Saffrey Champness